Meninas are addictive and that is a fact (ask Picasso!). I just got carried away by their trail. I have stayed in it much longer than usual because I detached from the original source: Velázquez’s Las Meninas. Like everyone else, I started there, at the space with the “highest quality air in the world”, as Dalí said. After a certain time (it took Picasso 58 pictures), I accepted the veiled invite from the character in the ajar door at the back of the picture and I walked outside. Only there I realised, looking around, that the crinoline was in vogue; most of the courtier women I saw there were wearing one. I discovered a square feminine silhouette, whereas vertical, long formats are more widely used when drawing anthropomorphic figures. With that material, I shaped the figure, and in that backyard of Velázquez’s picture, I created my own account of that character.